Show-Me Petition Power Explained

Actually . . .

This 2024 FAIL is probably a bi-partisan effort given that many Republicans didn't feel right about tinkering with Democracy even amid the pending abortion vote push back from lady voters. 

Here's a more strident view for those who haven't seen it already . . .

"Thanks to an historic filibuster, a convoluted and misleading bill that would make it more difficult for Missourians to pass an initiative petition that amends the state constitution failed to pass this year.

"Why should we care? For three major reasons.

"First, the motives for changing the current process to amend the state constitution.

"Second, the deceiving and misleading language that was included in the bill.

"Third, the long-term effects of what those proposed changes would mean to citizens of Missouri.

"Currently, any initiative petition to amend the state constitution can pass with a simple majority of votes."

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Missourians must remain vigilant to protect our initiative petition process * Missouri Independent

The initiative petition process is the means by which we as citizens can directly participate in our democracy. Preserving that right could not be more important than when it comes to amending our state constitution. Being able to continue to do that without hurdles and encumbrances survived - at least until the next Missouri legislative [...]