Show-Me Legal Weed Good Deeds

Here's a quick accounting of EPIC cash coming from the legal sale of marijuana in Missouri after recent amendments to the state Constitution created the largest cash crop in modern history . . .

Last fall, each of these three programs received $1.3 million. Then earlier this month, DHSS transferred an additional $5.1 million for each.

The funds going to the Missouri Veterans Commission are specifically meant to pay for health care and other services for military veterans and their dependent families, according to the division.

The public defender system’s funds will pay for legal assistance for low-income Missourians.

And, DHSS will use its fund to operate a grant program to increase access to drug addiction treatment with an emphasis on reintegrating recipients into their local communities by supporting job placement, housing and counseling.

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Legal cannabis in Missouri has generated $19 million for veterans, treatment, public defenders * Missouri Independent

The cannabis revenues are split between programs supporting veterans, substance use treatment programs and public defenders.