Show-Me AG Fight For Butker's Religious Freedom Vs. Kansas City Social Media Attack

Strong words from the leading law man in Missouri deserve serious consideration.

As we noted previously, we think this civil rights defense of the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl champ is absolutely correct and raises serious questions about 12th & Oak online responsibility.

Here's the word . . .

"Butker is the target of discrimination on the basis of his religion. This is a Christian of the Catholic faith who was giving a commencement address at a Catholic university, to an audience that was supportive of the message he was delivering. And the backlash has been discriminatory against him," Bailey told Fox News Digital in an interview.

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WATCH: Missouri AG torches Kansas City's 'retaliation' against Chiefs kicker for expressing Christian beliefs

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is going after Kansas City for what he says was "retaliation" against Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker for expressing his Christian beliefs.