Sen. Hawley Attacks 'Weakness' Of US After Americans Killed By Haiti Gangs

The Republican Missouri Senator shares a fiery perspective in the aftermath of tragedy . . .

"Last night, as my office urged the American Embassy to send help to Natalie and Davy as they were under siege, the Embassy told us it was 'too dangerous' to send police," Hawley wrote. "What a weak country we have become. We cannot protect our own citizens from wanton violence."

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US embassy rejected call for help before Americans killed in Haiti: Hawley

A pair of missionaries, including the daughter of a Missouri state representative, was murdered by Haitian gangs.

Missouri, nation mourn missionaries killed by gang in Haiti as Hawley scolds 'weak' Biden for deaths - The Lion

Officials across the country are mourning the loss of two Missouri missionaries in Haiti, a husband-and-wife pair who were killed by one of many armed gangs that has pushed the country into chaos. Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker, father to one of the missionaries, announced their deaths via Facebook.

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