Wichita Bust Confirms Russian Haxxorz Targeting Kansas City

This isn't dark web gossip or even the talking points disseminated by social media bots offering high praise for Vlad and his empire of human misery . . . It's mainstream news fact that war across the world is hitting local tech with deets supported by mainstream sources and even hinted at by the feds . . .

Cyber criminal organizations with ties to Russia appear to be responsible for the attacks on Wichita, Jackson County and KC Scout.

Kansas City, Missouri officials have said little about the attack on the city's computer system, and it's unclear who is responsible.

Bridget Patton, spokesperson for the FBI, declined to say whether the FBI is investigating but said it is "aware of both incidents," referring to the Wichita and Kansas City network outages.

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Russian Cyber Group Takes Credit for Kansas Ransomware Attack

The entity claimed responsibility for a Wichita incident confirmed Sunday, that prompted the shutdown of the City Hall computer network. As a result, many departments moved to paper and cash-only operations.

Feds indict Russian man tied to Wichita cyberattack

The U.S. Department of Justice named Dimitry Khoroshev and his company, LockBit, in a 26-count indictment on Tuesday. LockBit has claimed responsibility for the hack on Wichita city computers.