Newsflash: Kansas City Blames 'America First' For Butker Tweet

For the record . . .

Yesterday morning our blog had the FIRST in sharing the behind the scenes on this story . . . We feel like our encouragement for reasonable people to skip slipshod, inaccurate and lame trolling against lady bureaucrats who didn't have anything to do with the drama was STRONGER than so many bots and creepers without enough cash to buy a Butker jersey. 

In all of this, what we had to giggle if only because most graduation speeches, including this one, are a slog that only serve hold up partying and remind students that they have a limited amount of precious time until they become just as out of touch as most of the mediocre people who rule over them. Or at least that's what some guy named John Bender told TKC in detention long, long ago.

But I digress . . .  

Credit where it's due . . . The Mayor stepped up to refocus blame on himself rather than have lady workers targeted . . . It seems like many conservatives were quick to take him up on the offer and demanded his resignation . . . Again. 

However . . .

Here's the newspaper's take that offers even more partisan spin to a feeding frenzy narrative that mostly served to sell more NFL merch . . . Check-it:

"That faux pas pales in comparison to the egregious offense committed by a right-wing online news site called America First News, also known as AF Post. In its haste to identify and shame Kansas City’s social media manager, the outlet erroneously identified the wrong person. Early Friday, we reached out to Kansas City officials seeking comment."

Read more via link . . .

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