New York Post Offers More Salacious Deets About 'Sicko' Steakhouse In Leawood

No . . .

There's still more conversation required about the worst case of food tampering in recent Kansas City metro history.

For the record . . . This might be the first time that the hookup apps have come into play in terms of allegedly violating local food.

And so . . .

The nation's tabloid of record shares this quote that has been downplayed by the more genteel local mainstream news . . . Check-it:

"He said he had even been taking special requests to violate food items from men he’d met through apps like Grindr, Sniffy’s and Scruff, also communicating with them through SnapChat.

"He admitted to masturbating in the restaurant’s walk-in cooler, though denied putting his bodily fluids on any food products. He said his most recent act of food tampering was on April 23, when he put lettuce down his pants and returned it to the storage tray to be served to customers.

"When cops asked him what inspired his monstrous behavior, SUSPECT said initially he did it because he didn’t like the job, but conceded that he continued doing it even after he started enjoying the work.

"Hereford House, which has been open since 1957, said in a statement that, “This is an upsetting situation for our customers and for all of us connected to the restaurant.“

"The statement added that the community has been supportive, and the restaurant looks 'look forward' to continuing serving everyone.' "

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