More Charges Against 'God's Misfits' After Kansas Moms Killed

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Paul Grice is the fifth member of the self-proclaimed ‘God’s Misfits’ group to be charged with murdering two women from Kansas 

 Here's a quick profile of the suspect:

Months before the murders, Mr Grice made several bizarre statements, including claiming his children as his property and that he is not a US citizen, according to court records from 2023, obtained by The Independent.

Mr Grice then admitted to investigators that he was part of the planning, killing and the burial of both Butler and Kelley, according to his arrest affidavit.

Mr Grice had been named in the first arrest affidavit released a week ago relating to the other suspects, obtained by The Independent, along with couple Barrett and Lacy Cook, a couple who also have ties to the “God’s Misfits” group.

All are believed to be part of an anti-government, religious group calling themselves “God’s Misfits”.

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Independent -- Revealed: The extremist views of fifth ‘God’s Misfits’ murder suspect who believes he is a ‘bloodline American’

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