Missouri House Chief Clerk Condemns 'Culture Of Fear' In Jeff City

This legal action directed at GOP power players picks up steam and seems like fodder for the ongoing battle royale betwixt mainstream Republicans, the Missouri good ol'boy network and the social media focused freedom caucus . . Check-it . . .

In her lawsuit, filed in Cole County Circuit Court, Missouri House Chief Clerk Dana Miller cited the statute protecting whistleblowers from retaliation as the basis of her complaint. Miller, who is a nonpartisan officer elected by all 163 members of the House, said during a news conference that she did not intend to seek another term when a newly elected House is seated in January.

“We have a culture of fear now in that building with the staff that work there, and it’s time for me to speak up and say something,” Miller said.

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Missouri House chief clerk sues Dean Plocher, Rod Jetton alleging whistleblower retaliation * Missouri Independent

The top staff member of the Missouri House filed a lawsuit Friday accusing Speaker Dean Plocher and his chief of staff, Rod Jetton, of harassment and intimidation during battles over ethics charges and hiring decisions. House Chief Clerk Dana Miller's lawsuit follows months allegations about misconduct by Plocher and a House Ethics Committee investigation that [...]

WATCH: Clerk sues Missouri House leadership - ABC17NEWS

The chief clerk of the Missouri House of Representatives sued some of her elected coworkers Friday.

Whistleblower files suit against Missouri House leaders claiming retaliation

The suit stems from alleged retaliation to which Miller was subjected following her opposition to Plocher's plan to award a state contract for new constituent management services.

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