Lawyers For Leawood Hereford House Food Contamination Suspect Seek Lower Bond

Tragic mistake lead yet another young person in the KC metro to, possibly, retreat to their mom's basement.

Here are the basics . . .

SUSPECT faces one charge in connection to several instances of contaminating food with bodily fluids and skin contact.

Last week, attorneys representing Hanson filed a motion to reduce his bond. HE remains in custody at the Johnson County Adult Detention Center on a $100,000 bond.

In the motion to reduce bond, SUSPECT'S attorney petitioned the judge to either allow HIM to be released on his own recognizance or have the bond substantially reduced.

His attorney said SUSPECT would agree to house arrest as a term of his release, saying he would move in with his mom in a small town outside of Casper, Wyoming, and would enroll in mental health treatment and follow recommendations of a therapist/psychiatrist.

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