KK Rebukes NASCAR 'Diversity Star' Report

A stellar show today from this town's top conservative sports talker.

Here's the money line and link to his latest . . .

"A NASCAR story is the top sports story on the Star's website and it's about race.  Not racing.  There's a diversity program in NASCAR that led to Kyle Larson becoming a star.  But everyone thinks he's white, how is he some shining star of a diversity program?  Even further... wasn't he the dude suspended for using a racial slur?"

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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Just when it looks like the Royals are fading, they amaze you. And yes, their 19 wins already is nothing short of glorious. They are a ridiculous 19-6 when they score more than one run! But many fans can't see the games on tv right now as Comcast/Bally Sports are fighting over money.