KCK Police Officer Decommissioned After Viral Video

The main point of this story . . .

There wasn't much evidence either way beyond social media allegations. 

Here's the aftermath report and POSSIBLY a reminder as to why local police recruiting is harder now than it has ever been before . . . 

Commissioners attempted to schedule an interview with the officer as part of their review of the interaction. Though the officer initially agreed to an interview, his attorney later told the commission that the officer would not appear for any interview.

The interview was particularly necessary to determine if [the officer] used any prescription-only drug that impaired his skill or judgment in the performance of his duties as an officer, the commission wrote in its report.

The commission used the officers failure to participate in an interview as grounds to revoke the officers certification.

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KCK police officer loses certification in connection to review of viral video

A Kansas commission earlier this month revoked the peace officer certification of a Kansas City, Kansas, police officer who was caught on video exhibiting unusual behavior.