Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids At Risk Of Losing Against MAGA Red Wave?!? Again.

Probably not if voters can't answer this one question . . .

Who is she running against?!?!

Without asking your phone . . . Do you know?!?

Didn't think so. 

Actually . . . \

A modicum of research will show that Dr. Prasanth Reddy is HIGHLY QUALIFIED and deserves to be taken seriously by voters who don't want their votes dictated by sketchy cable news talk shows.

Here's the overview . . .

(Rep. Sharice) Davids has won each of her House races by a slightly larger margin than the last – propelled by voters in Johnson County who have increasingly voted for Democratic candidates. This election cycle, where two unpopular presidential candidates top the ticket, could potentially cement the 3rd District as a safe Democratic seat. But Republicans point to a variety of factors – new candidates, (President) Biden’s unpopularity, and a focus on immigration and the economy – as evidence that Davids could be at risk.

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Sharice Davids is running for her fourth term in Congress. Is she vulnerable?

Rep. Sharice Davids is seeking her fourth term in Congress. Republicans are targeting her House seat as a potential swing district in Kansas.