Kansas Prog Blog Brings Out Boogeyman Bannon Against GOP For Campaign 2024

Juxtaposition to start the week . . .

Don't agree with sketchy policy and DEI Über alles??!? Then you're not just a racist . . . But also one of the most unlikable dudes in American pop culture . . . Who makes a handsome living by playing the bad guy. 

Here's the argument from a TOTALLY UPSTANDING activist blog mostly funded by dark money . . .

"They generate outrage with bills attacking women’s reproductive rights and transgender children. Meanwhile, they pursued tax cuts for the richest Kansans. They have perfunctorily rejected wildly popular policies such as Medicaid expansion and marijuana legalization — not with well-reasoned arguments but with reams of self-contradictory rhetoric that wastes the time of those refuting it. And as they bamboozle the people of Kansas, they do so with pious expressions on their faces and condescending words to anyone who questions their motives.

"Anyone can see it, guys. You’re not fooling us. You’re flooding the zone with sewage and expecting thanks, when you should be in here cleaning it up."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Kansas GOP leaders follow Bannon's advice for manipulating media: 'Flood the zone with s***' * Kansas Reflector

If you tracked this year's session of the Kansas Legislature and ended up with a headache, don't worry. GOP leaders wanted that to happen.