Kansas Dust Bowl Daze Redux Feared

Recently, local progressive scribes bungled the reporting of this study. 

We found a better take for our blog community WHICH ACTUALLY EXPLAINS that the study MIGHT be the result of academics tinkering and overestimating their landscaping skill.

Either way, here's more explanation of this week's skyfall fear . . .

"Natural cycles in the prairie ecosystem once held woody plants at bay. Konza’s 500 species of grasses and wildflowers once thrived in a system of checks and balances known as disturbances. These include seasonal weather extremes, grazing animals that regenerated the ecosystem, and fire that cleared spent vegetation and redistributed nutrients.

"The balance seems to have shifted, perhaps permanently"

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Kansas Prairie Streams Are Getting Choked, Maybe for Good - Eos

A herculean effort to fight back woody plants in the Konza Prairie has largely failed. The outcome shows how difficult it can be to retore these ecosystems.