Kansas City Street Art Might Stop Trucks Losing Fight Against 'Undefeated' Bridge?!?

As always, we believe that the creativity of the Northeast community is its saving grace.

Here's a good idea that certainly needs bright colors and eye-catching design . . .

On Saturday, Bobbi Baker-Hughes, CEO and President of the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, led an event for local artists to gather at the bridge and envision a solution: a mural.

If theres art here, the trucks will pay more attention to the bridge itself and see the sign," Beal said.

Roughly 30 artists attended the event, but the city will only choose one sketch to come to life. It must be Truck Eating Bridge-themed.

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Northeast KC community hopes to decrease truck crashes at Independence Avenue bridge with mural

Despite attempts by the city to decrease collisions, including flashing lights and warning curtains, the community said it's not enough, so local artists are taking the issue into their own hands.