Kansas City Star Recycles Old Mob Stories

The so-called Kansas City "paper-of-record" offers readers the latest news from the 1970s in their latest issue. 

Crime-fighting myths from about 50 years ago serve to remind old school readers of former glory and the more interesting times of this cowtown.

Here's the low-tech drama report that actually offers a glimpse into the days of better local hangouts that weren't dominated by creeps wearing baseball hats indoors . . . 

"The bugging was the culmination of years of surveillance, where police officers and FBI agents looked on secretly as the mobsters flowed in and out of the restaurant."

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Kansas City mafia loved to eat at this Italian restaurant. Until the FBI bugged it

In June 1978, a man with powder-white hair stepped out of the darkness and into an Italian restaurant. The FBI was waiting for him.