Kansas City River Market Daytime Carjacking Caught On Camera

Hopefully, this brazen crime in the middle of broad daylight isn't a preview of deteriorating conditions on local streets and near the loop.

Check the footage witnessed by several around this part of town which, tragically, didn't help bring the suspects to justice . . .

The video and photos, which shows a couple of young men, potentially armed, surrounding a purple Dodge, which allegedly was stolen. Then, the men run away.

Sgt. Phillip DiMartino with KCPD said they arrived a few minutes later after getting calls of suspicious activity. No one is in custody and is aware of the video.

“At this time, I’m not saying they’re suspects or subjects of interest, but they are individuals that we would like to identify and speak with,” DiMartino said.

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Carjacking in River Market apartment complex caught on camera

A possible carjacking ending in the back of a River Market apartment complex was caught on camera.