Kansas City Mayor Q HUD Audition Cont'd

Let's start this morning slowly with a bit of follow-up on a story that will define Kansas City politics going forward . . . 

Recently our blog community noted that Mayor Q now ranks amongst the favorites for the next HUD secretary. 

In response to our reporting, the Mayor didn't EXACTLY deny the possibility.

This week we noted just a bit more proof.

Take a peek at this apt quote which seems to signal the Mayor's local governance philosophy that could earn him a position in Prez Biden's Cabinet . .  . From the latest KCTV5 report regarding recent East Side developments:

“At its core, every issue in Kansas City is a housing issue,” said Mayor Quinton Lucas.

That sounds like JUST THE KIND OF THING THE BELTWAY WANTS TO HEAR from its next housing honcho. 

Meanwhile . . .

We noticed Mayor Q playing hype man for the Prez which never hurts a Kansas City politico's career. 

Especially at a point when the White House is looking to stop so many African-American voters from sitting out this next election or, gasp, maybe going with MAGA.

Read more about Mayor Q's White House flirtations by way of shared glory via www.TonysKansasCity.com screencap . . .

Developing . . .