Kansas City Faith Blogger Proclaims: Christian Nationalism Akin To Idolatry

Recently, Kansas City's top ranking scribe on the topic of faith & morals made a bold statement which might challenge the perspective of so many Americans who believe that the story of this great nation is nothing less than sacred.

Quick TKC aside so that this discussion doesn't get too pious . . . Our blog mostly ascribes to the Westside KC philosophy that people can do WHATEVER they want as long as the don't touch me without asking first -- Of course that works both ways and applies to everyone except intimate lady friends wherein consent is implicit and part of our lifelong affinity for hands-y broads with dirty mouths. 

But I digress . . .

Our bloggy mission is to share thoughtful and provocative locally sourced ideas . . . This post qualifies as both . . . Check-it:

"In Christian theology, the accurate word for that belief in a special divine blessing for America is idolatry, the subject of the first of the Ten Commandments."

The crux of his book review . . .

And all across the history of this idolatry, the authors say, you will find Mainline Protestants contributing to it: ". . .the cultural and political preeminence Mainliners possessed in this era and after inadvertently became the seedbed out of which much of today's Christian Nationalism grew." And, they add, "Christian Nationalism isn't Christian."

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Faith Matters Blog: American Christian Nationalism has Mainline Protestant roots