Kansas City Faith Blogger Considers United Methodist Church Decision On LGBT Clergy

The faith scribe shares insights into his own denomination and this bold quote is the best place to start:

"So slowly Christian churches are abandoning the bogus idea that the Bible condemns homosexual orientation.

"As I've said before -- and if you're one of my regular readers you may be tired of me saying it -- any time you find a religion teaching that certain people aren't fully human and, thus, not made in the image of God, you can bet something is badly amiss. To dehumanize a person is to assault the divine creator who made all of us -- not just some of us -- in God's image."

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Faith Matters Blog: The United Methodists get this issue right -- finally

The MSM perspective . . .

United Methodist Church leader, LGBTQ Commission chair react to new rule that allows LGBTQ clergy

The pastor of the country's largest United Methodist Church and the Kansas City LGBTQ Commission chairperson talked about the change that allows LGBTQ clergy in the United Methodist Church.

The United Methodist Church has repealed its ban on LGBTQ clergy. Here's how some Kansas City members are responding

On May 1, delegates at the United Methodist Church's General Conference voted to repeal a ban on LGBTQ clergy that stood for four decades.

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