Kansas City Continues Constant Fight Against Illegal Dumping

This town has grown trashier over the years and the answer has been spying and tougher laws.

Meanwhile . . .

Better efforts to incentivize proper waste disposal like: Regularly Scheduled Bulky Item Pickup have been ignored. 

And so . . .

Here's a look at locals recycling some of the same efforts we've seen before and dumping them on voters to maintain the illusion of progress . . . Check-it: 

"The first item would be a resolution calling on City Manager Brian Platts office to develop and implement an administrative regulation in an attempt to better respond and prevent illegal dumping.

"The resolution would also call on Platts office to create a public information campaign to highlight any new policies and penalties.

"The second item would amend the citys Code of Ordinances, which council members hope would improve illegal dumping enforcement, and call on Platts office to provide an update on the new policies and enforcement quarterly."

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Kansas City, Missouri, to consider strengthening illegal dumping policies, enforcement

Two items up before members of the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council would strengthen the city's policies and enforcement to curb illegal dumping.

To stop illegal dumping, Kansas City Council considers increasing surveillance and penalties

Kansas City Council member Crispin Rea is sponsoring an ordinance to increase penalties for illegal dumping, which regularly affects vacant lots and the city's Land Bank properties.

Developing . . .