Kansas City Blogger Risks Holy War By Questioning Faith Of Taylor Swift

We've seen better writers crumble under the threats of the Swiftie cult.

And so we send our thoughts & prayers to this local newsman who DARES to confront the leader of the nation's strongest cult . . . Check-it:

"Swift in the past has described herself as a Christian, though now "Swift’s faith appears more fluid. Her religious references are as eclectic as a Brooklyn thrift shop — well-worn Christian metaphors sit alongside a more bohemian mishmash of witchcraft, divination and paganism. Her newest release, 'The Tortured Poets Department,' is a patchwork of religious allusions, from good Samaritans and Jehovah’s Witnesses to altar sacrifices and prophecies."

"All of which can be good and instructive but also what theologians call syncretistic, which means not a tossed salad of interesting religious ideas but a mushy soup of them that results in religion that doesn't stand for much and that accepts everything from divinely inspired insights to destructive garbage."

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