Jackson County Property Tax Assessment Court Fight Sneak Peek

Despite arguments from the Courthouse . . . It looks like an EPIC struggle is taking shape.

Here's a glimpse at one of the key issues:

During a motion hearing on Friday attorneys for the county as well as for Tyler Technologies, who was contracted for the assessment, argued that Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey should be deposed, or give testimony, because of his comments on the case using specific wording.

Bailey put out a statement two months ago saying “The court has set a trial date of June 6, 2024 for our case against Jackson County and its illegal assessment scheme for property taxes.”

It’s the words “illegal assessment scheme” that irked defense attorneys who argued that Bailey should be deposed to share what exactly was illegal, with an attorney for Tyler Technologies saying just because people are upset, that doesn’t mean a law was broken.

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Attorney's for Missouri AG, Jackson County spar ahead of property tax assessment trial

T-minus three weeks until the start of a trial between Missouri's attorney general and Jackson County. The issue: property tax assessments.