Harrison Butker Hot Mess: Did Grad Rant Hurt Kansas City Chiefs?!?

Behind the scenes we want to share an important insider tidbit that most local pundits are overlooking.

The basics . . .


An off-record message sent our way that's worth sharing . . . 

"We have warned the Chiefs that Butker’s rhetoric could cost them legislative support." 

Consider . . .

Jackson County and most of Kansas City lean "progressive" and the remarks along with nationwide rebuke have irked local leaders. 

To be fair . . .

There's a great deal of support for Butker's comments and our favorite KC talker shares this worthwhile perspective that attempts to offer some context . . .

Via Pete Mundo's Twitter Feed . . . "Kansas City and national media are more offended by Harrison Butker saying we should put God and family as priorities before career than they are Rashee Rice driving 120 mph on a freeway and putting dozens of people in immediate physical danger. Pathetic. Yet also predictable."

And so . . . 

Just to make this post a bit more useful . . . We're gonna share some relevant info that has emerged since our last posting. 

Update . . . We looked for a defense of his comments in article form but didn't find much. Most of the MSM clap back has been negative.

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Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker says a woman should be a 'homemaker' in college commencement speech

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker railed against Pride month, working women, President Biden's leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and abortion during a commencement address at Benedictine College last weekend.

Chiefs' Harrison Butker Evokes Taylor Swift In Controversial Commencement Speech

Travis Kelce's teammate, Harrison Butker, is in a bit of hot water with some Swifties ... who are furious with the Chiefs kicker for the way he evoked Taylor's name during a controversial commencement speech over the weekend.

Travis Kelce's teammate Harrison Butker slammed for sexist, anti-LGBTQ commencement speech quoting Taylor Swift

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker is under fire for delivering a sexist, anti-LGBTQIA+ commencement speech at Benedictine College that quoted his teammate Travis Kelce's girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Chiefs' Harrison Butker Criticized for Graduation Speech Attacking Working Women While Quoting Taylor Swift

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker was criticized for his speech at Benedictine College's graduation ceremony where he attacked working women, abortion and diversity initiatives while quoting Taylor Swift

Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker's Inspirational Message To Graduating Catholics: Be Worse | Defector

A fatal problem for any bad commencement speech is when the speaker is more concerned with talking about themselves, rather than imparting useful advice, and Butker's suffered from the same issue. If the Catholics in the audience truly wanted to live their faith, they would've objected to a speech this masturbatory.

The Chiefs' silence on Harrison Butker's misogynistic and homophobic comments is beyond unacceptable

The Chiefs kicker said some horrible things in his speech to Benedictine College. The NFL franchise needs to say something.

Here's Harrison Butker's Controversial Commencement Speech In Full

Harrison Butker's speech at Benedictine College has sparked backlash.

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