Fading Kansas City Star Blames Social Media & Fox News For FAIL

The local newspaper is struggling to keep their audience as advertising, subscriptions and circulation seems to be fading for an institution that really isn't the "paper-of-record" for this cowtown any longer.

As they circle the toilet bowl of history . . . 

This refrain against biz with better fortunes seems familiar . . . Check-it:

"Americans are getting their news from social media instead of from traditional, professional news outlets, with 68% of adults still using Facebook. And despite the platform’s vows to combat misinformation, timelines are still full of fake stories and images posing as news.

"The truth is that the social networks haven’t begun to get a handle on the reckless mis- and disinformation they spread, generated by both bad actors and shared innocent consumers. Emerging artificial intelligence is only revving the falsehood engine. If you’ve trained the algorithms not to show you bad news about Trump — aka a whole lot of the news about him — it will stay out of your timeline.

"And while those on the right tend to fall for and reshare misinformation more than others, it’s not a conservative-only phenomenon. "

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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