Downtown Developers Remember Glory Days Of Former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes

It was a not so glorious time when this town's debt ratio was obscene and a pathological focus on real estate schemes inside the loop became the norm for local politics.

To be fair . . . She was probably the classiest politico this town has enjoyed and a throwback to more elegant form of politics for a more civilized age . . . i.e. even if we disagreed we are forced to stipulate that most of her agenda was accomplished without the help from rioters burning police cars. 

Here's a more optimistic view . . .

“​​Many of us are blessed to remember Mayor Kay Barnes thinking about what downtown could be, and what economic development could be in Kansas City,” Lucas said Wednesday in remarks honoring Barnes as a changemaker within KCMO.

“There are very few who you can assign the credit for an amazing transformation, and she’s one of them,” added Lucas.

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EDCKC celebrates leaders who transformed KCMO through equitable development projects

Reshaping Kansas City doesn't come without focused, intentional efforts by development advocates and officials, said Mayor Quinton Lucas, offering a toast to area leaders whose work has helped to revitalize the heart of the city.