Convicted Killer Seeks Clemency From Kansas Guv Kelly

This case is complicated and we only serve to mention a fact that is going unmentioned in this conversation.

The convicted killer slit the victim's throat in his sleep according to court documents and she also butchered & killed a household pet.

The argument is that horrific abuse drove her to commit these crimes.

However, the young woman has a great many advocates willing to overlook the brutality of her crimes.

Here is their perspective . . .

"Sarah Gonzales-McLinn was 19 when she murdered 52-year-old Harold Sasko in January 2014. He had allegedly raped her, controlled her financially, coerced her into getting plastic surgery, and held her captive in his Lawrence home for months. She is now seeking clemency on her sentence from Gov. Laura Kelly. "

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Lawrence woman who killed her abuser seeks clemency from Kansas governor