Challenging Mayor Q & Prez Biden On 'Lawfully Present' Migrants

This editorial is FAR TOO LATE to a discussion that peaked about two weeks ago.

However . .. 

It's worth a glimpse if only because even sympathetic news outlets are pushing back against 12th & Oak terminology . . . Check-it:

"The mayor has bought into President Joe Biden’s definition of “lawfully present,” which does not convey a legal status when you read the actual law. It is Biden waiving the law to grant people here illegally an unearned, undeserved privilege with an indefinite sunset. The key question is: Did these migrants enter the United States legally or illegally, irrespective of their contrived status endowed by Biden’s order?

"The answer is that too many entered illegally, and that fact should frame this discussion, not Lucas and Biden pretending the actual law doesn’t matter. The Kansas City Star Editorial Board recently referenced this fact with a passing, dismissive acknowledgment . . ."

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Quinton Lucas and Joe Biden are wrong about 'lawfully present' migrants in the US | Opinion

A new guest commentary from Missouri State Treasurer Vivek Malek: