Award Winning Kansas City Author Whitney Terrell Shares His Cancer Battle With Readers

For those who might not know, Whitney Terrell one of Kansas City's top ranking authors with an American classic to his credit. 

His debut novel, The Huntsman has been required reading in high school & college literature courses since its publication in 2001. 

For those lucky enough to have heard one of his lectures, he's one of the most knowledgeable resources on the topic of Kansas City's sordid real estate history and legacy of segregation. 

Recently . . .

The scribe has disclosed his medical challenges with his readers in a post that he has continued to update.

Here's the link . . . 

"First day of radiation down, 44 to go . . ."

We've only met Mr. Terrell a couple of times but it was nice that he gave TKC a bit of encouragement early in our blogging days. 

Thankfully, he has told followers that his prognosis is good and we wish him a speedy recovery. 

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