Amanda Householder Returns To Missouri To Advocate Boarding School Reform

One of our favorite readers sent this note that we want to share so that others will take notice and hopefully do more to protect youngsters across Missouri . . .

An amazing woman, Amanda Householder, is coming to town Sunday. This fall, her parents face trial over 100+ felony charges for severely mistreating and abusing purportedly ‘troubled kids’ at the two now-shuttered Christian reform/boarding schools they owned and ran in southern Missouri for years.

Amanda’s suing her mom and dad for making her perform forced labor, beating her for their sexual gratification, and forcing her to impose punishments on other students at one of these remote, for-profit, largely “under the radar’’ and essentially unregulated facilities (Circle of Hope Girls Ranch in Humansville).

In fact, Amanda’s been called a ‘Tik Tok influencer’ and her incredible drive to expose her folks and similar abusers is largely the reason so much awareness of and concern about these ‘schools’ has surfaced recently.

Amanda and several other survivors of these awful, essentially-unregulated, ‘under the radar’ schools will conduct a series of news conferences across Missouri.

Here is what Amanda and others will advocate:

-- Encouraging AG Andrew Bailey to investigate these ‘schools,’ use his bully pulpit to warn parents about them, and prod local law enforcement to crack down on them.

--Push legislators to reform Missouri’s archaic, arbitrary, predator-friendly statute of limitations on child sex crimes. (More than 25 states have done this in recent years.)

-- Inspire others who are being or have seen, suspected or suffered (or are now suffering) at these facilities to contact independent sources of help, like police, prosecutors, therapists, loved ones and support groups.

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