After Months Of Waiting: United Way Explains KC Strong Payment Delay

Credit to local TV news for pressing this organization and advocating for local residents who desperately need help with medical bills and lifelong injury . . . Here's the word for now:

The United Way also determined shooting victims would only be eligible for the KC Strong money.
Kera Mashek of the United Way said attorneys will determine which claimants will receive money and how much money.

She says selected victims are likely to receive tens of thousands of dollars for issues like medical bills, lost wages, and counseling.

After working with the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office, the United Way selected verified gunshot victims to receive claim applications.

Those completed claim forms are due Wednesday.

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United Way says #KCStrong fund is nearing distribution, victims closer to financial aid

Victims of the Chiefs Parade shooting are closer to getting money to help with their recovery.