Abandoned Oil Wells Blight Kansas

The oil game might have hit its peak long ago . . . But now the Midwest must clean up the aftermath.

Accordingly, here's quote about the situation confronting the Sunflower State and more deets about one family's effort to come up with a sustainable solution . . .

In a report from the Kansas Corporation Commission, there are 5,285 abandoned wells “requiring action,” meaning the KCC gave them a priority of one or two. That’s only five fewer than last year, despite active plugging operations. That’s because more wells are found every year.

Capping them takes time and money. In 2021, the federal government provided $4.7 billion for “orphaned” or abandoned well capping. More than $58 million of that went to Kansas.

However, it costs between about $6,000 to $14,000 to plug each well, and there is nothing simple about the problem or how to fix it.

Part of the problem is many wells are so old that there aren’t even records of who is responsible.

In many cases, the people who own the land never wanted or profited from the wells and are now left with the mess.

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Drilled and drained: A family's fight to break free from the legacy of oil

There are thousands of abandoned wells in Kansas that no longer produce oil. One family is trying to get all of the ones on their farm capped.