Which Side Would/Should Kansas City Take In Civil War Part Deux?!?

Make that . . . 

Civil War Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo.

Don't worry, it's not gonna happen if only because any insurrection beyond looting & rioting would risk our phones missing a recharge. 

Also . . . Keyboard warriors might struggle to with steps beyond the typical laps to the fridge and the toilet. 

Still . . . 

This weekend we were lucky enough to see the movie Civil War and we really liked it if only because imagining journalistic bravery is more fun than paying for the Sunday paper that now costs $5.99. 

However . . .

Not everybody liked it . . . Here's our favorite passage from a bad review that includes a classic movie reference and a great deal of snark.

"Say what you will about Red Dawn, a movie dumber, perhaps, than Orson Scott Card’s writing on this very subject: It knows what side it is on. This is more than you can say for Civil War, the confused but pretty ode to Old School War Journalism that seems to understand neither war nor journalism. I write about film a lot, so I can say this is not a bad film. I also was a nobody Midwestern journalist from 2008-2013, a time that further entrenched the actual divisions between actual Americans even as it destroyed the sorts of institutions I worked for that are supposed to be as objective as Civil War is trying to be. So I can also say that Civil War is f*cking stupid."

 Also . . .

If you made it this far . . . 

The correct answer to the post title question is: 

We're not sure which side Kansas City would choose in Civil War redux but we think that we still might win over JoCo if only because their superior firepower would be directed first at their allies who didn't swear a loyalty oath.

In Kansas City proper, ideological consistency only serves as a punchline. 

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