The Dotte Moves To Steal Kansas City Royals

Most people agree . . .

Community benefit and more jobs would do more for the The Dotte than any other part of the greater Kansas City metro.

Here's a peek at that officials in this part of town are far more welcoming to local biz than angry activist on the KCMO side of the state line . . . Check-it:

“If they want to talk about coming to Kansas, whether that’s at Wyandotte County or that’s some other part of Kansas, we’ll absolutely talk to them and see if it’s a good fit,” said Greg Kindle, the President of the Wyandotte County Economic Development Council. Kindle does not think the county will ask the teams to move to the ‘Dotte.

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Wyandotte County willing to listen if teams want to cross the border

If the Chiefs and Royals want to cross the border into Kansas, Wyandotte County will listen.