Socialism Can Save Kansas City Royals?!?

Sorry . . .

That post title is just TKC being jokey.

We're pre-med and not an economist . . . And in this era of rampant inflation, very few people can actually distinguish any differences betwixt socialism & corporate welfare. Hint: Wearing a suit is a great way to rebrand all handouts as "incentives" or some other biz-speak tag.  

In fact . . .

We linked Helling's column earlier in the morning but it probably deserves it's own post if only because it misses a few important not-so-fun facts: 

- Helling's scheme seems like a lot of trouble when bigger, better cities are waiting with open arms. Heck, even Kansas won't require bending the knee to Mayor Quinton Lucas and his friends. 

- Again . . . Where's the profit motive in suffering screaming matches with angry activists??? What this old school columnist seems to be missing: MLB BASEBALL IS A BUSINESS. 

- Most people aren't very confident in the ability of KCMO to build a truly impressive structure. Local media isn't allowed to say it BUT . . . The new airport is A TWO BILLION DOLLAR DISAPPOINTMENT. Even if trolls brag that the over-hyped food court deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

And so . . . 

Here's the money line from Helling's comment/column that's probably the only thing worth reading in today's VERY SKINNY edition of the Star.

"Let John Sherman share that money. The Royals should agree to split the net profits of any future sale, minus operating losses, with the city. The city could use the money to pay off stadium bonds early, or for any important public purpose: transportation, health, education or anything else. It could be hundreds of millions of dollars for public use. It would establish a true partnership between the community and the team. And there’s a precedent: Ewing Kauffman gave his sale profits to charity."

Read more via link . . .

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