Show-Me Legal Clap Back Against Mayor Q's Invitation To NYC Migrants

Today, Missouri's top law man put Mayor Q on notice regarding the consequences of high-profile efforts to make new friends. 

Here's the basics and from "many sides" there's more posturing than a fashion week runway . . .

Bailey took to Twitter with a public letter for Lucas.

“It is a felony in the State of Missouri to knowingly transport an illegal alien,” Bailey wrote on Twitter. “@MayorLucasKC, I will take legal action against anyone found to be in violation of these statues. Rather than inviting illegal aliens in, I suggest you join me in upholding the rule of law.”

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Missouri Attorney General threatens legal action against KC mayor after invite to migrants

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey admonished Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas Thursday night for an invite he extended to migrants from New York City and Denver.