Show-Me Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Rally Shooting Lawsuit Update

Here's a peek at more legal action that might have online denizens second guessing their "hot takes" when it comes to breaking news . . . Check-it: 

Denton Loudermill of Olathe, Kansas, filed federal lawsuits against state Sens. Rick Brattin of Harrisonville, Denny Hoskins of Warrensburg and Nick Schroer of Defiance.

Loudermill last week filed a similar complaint against U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee.

The four lawsuits are almost identical in their allegations against, which involve the lawmakers using social media platforms to repost a photo of Loudermill in handcuffs shortly after the shooting.

“The publication of the false representation that plaintiff was an ‘illegal alien’ and a ‘shooter’ was not made in good faith nor was it made by defendant with any legitimate interest in making or duty to make such assertions,” the lawsuit against Brattin states.

Identical language is in all four lawsuits.

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Three Missouri state senators sued for defamation over posts about Chiefs parade shooting * Missouri Independent

Three Missouri Republicans - including one running for statewide office - are being sued for defamation by a man they incorrectly identified as an undocumented immigrant and the shooter at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory celebration.