Should Kansas City Mayor Q Rescind Open Invite To NYC Migrants?!?

In what has to be the worst unforced error of his career, this week Mayor Q confronted a litany of residents angry with his Kansas City invite directed toward migrants in New York City.


The clap back follows Northland politicos, the Missouri AG and officials across the Show-Me State rebuking the invitation. 

Last night we noted the Mayor missed his chance to deflect some of the political drama and instead doubled down on his efforts to talk his way out of this hot mess.

Sure, there's a question in our post title and we're curious about more local reaction but one thing is certgain: 


 Accordingly . . .

Here are our Top 5 reasons why this makes sense rescinding the NYC open invite is the right move

1. So far only immigration lawyers & a couple of council allies have stepped up to defend Mayor Q. There's just not a lot of love for new friends amid campaign season 2024. 

2. Council Dude Nathan Willett is correct in his fear of Missouri retribution against KCMO funding. The GOP Super-Majority loves to slash & burn the biggest city in the Show-Me State in order to feel better about the rural economy that's mostly based on walnut bowls, meth, gas stations & teachers moonlighting on OF

3. Newsflash: Neither the Black Community nor the Latino community seem very jazzed about meeting new Chinese & Venezuelan friends coming up from Southern Border. Sadly, our progressive friends don't even bother looking for "intersectionality" when tougher questions about working-class opportunity emerge amid the information-economy wherein some lucky souls get paid for writing clever e-mails whilst most others have to wear stupid brightly colored golf shirts at box stores.

4. Playing word games makes Mayor Q look weak. The NYC problem & the crisis at the border is part of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION debate . . . Qualifiers, backpedaling and word play don't inspire confidence even if so many lawyers turned politicos mistakenly believe that legalese helps to outsmart the plebs. 

5. Most importantly: The people & colleagues have spoken . . . KCMO doesn't want to help NYC with their immigration crisis because we've got problems of our own to solve. The murder rate is ramping up, downtown office space is far too "abundant" and last time we checked the Plaza was still a mess. 

For these reasons and more, it's probably best the Mayor Q admits his miscalculation and move forward rather than suffering more threats and struggling with "clarification" for an offhanded remark that only seemed to prove he has more concern for his NYC pals and his political future than residents & other leaders in & around KCMO. 

Accordingly . . . Here's more explanation and recent reporting . . .

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and Councilwoman Andrea Bough both said the resolution wasn't needed as the mayor said he never suggested becoming a sanctuary city and there was never any action taken toward that on the city level.

Lucas said the city would welcome migrants who are legally able to work in the United States, something that is already happening in Kansas City according to immigration experts.

"We need a lot more employees," Lucas told Bloomberg last week. "If there are people who are willing and ready to work, then I believe that there could be a place for them."

Lucas' comments caught the attention of Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

Bailey threatened legal action in a letter to the mayor . . . At times, the meeting got heated between council members and the public.

Lucas blamed Bailey and other elected officials for taking his words out of context.

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City council takes no action in response to Kansas City mayor's comments on migrants

A proposed resolution to re-affirm that Kansas City will not become a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants has been shot down.

KC councilmember's undocumented immigrants resolution fails to advance

A Kansas City council committee meeting gets heated as leaders debate a resolution to prohibit "sanctuary city" status.

Mayor Lucas says Kansas City is not breaking law by inviting legal immigrants

A sanctuary city resolution over brought before the mayor and council was held off the docket. Councilman Nathan Willett introduced the resolution that would affirm "to the Missouri State Legislature that Kansas City will not become a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants."

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