Share Kansas City Downtown Stadium Tax Question 1 Predictions!!!

Most people agree that this decision is gonna be close . . .

In fact . . . 

Close readers of TKC don't think it's gonna be as close as "most people" think.

However . . .

Politics is just about MONEY & POWER so it's probably a good idea to take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt . . . Notice that our TKC blog community is one of the few purveyors of sexy journalistic goodness advising this approach rather than endorsing any particular spin, ballot issue, viewpoint or keyboard warrior politicking. 

Nevertheless . . . 

Here's the "fun part" for those of us who won't be benefiting financially from either outcome . . .


It turns out . .  There's a A LOT hanging in the balance of this decision: 

- The Royals are likely gone from Jackson County if this thing FAILS. 

- Activist groups like KC Tenants, Stand Up KC & Even the KC Defender would overtake the AFL-CIO & SEIU as leading political power brokers.

- And progressive creatives in the Crossroads MIGHT take the forefront of local cultural expression with pro sports suffering a shocking setback in the aftermath of back-to-back Super Bowl victory.

We can only trust our blog community to continue calculating the IFs of the EPIC decision. 

Accordingly . . . We gather just a bit more info to inform the peanut gallery commentary.

Read more via links . . .

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The final push to win voters in Tuesday's election continued late into the evening Monday night.

Freedom Inc. holds 'Vote Yes' rally with multiple area leaders ahead of election

Freedom Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, has carried decades and decades of political influence across the city, county, and state.

'Stay a major league city': Royals owner, Chiefs president share final message before election

In a final push to garner support for Question One, Freedom Incorporated hosted a Get Out the Vote rally.

Jackson County Stadium sales tax polling locations now open

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You decide . . .