Prosecutor Mean Jean Offers 'Save KC' Recycled KC NOVA Anti-Crime Plan

Apropos for #TBT a top ranking elected law-enforcement official works to recycle an old school anti-crime plan that was mostly just money for no-show jobs . . . Punchline: KC Nova mostly proved "successful" because of rigged stats . . . We'll have more on that soon . . . For now . . . 

Here's a peek at the update of an effort that should seem not-so-shockingly familiar . . .

It's called "Save KC."

“The only way something like this works is if you collaborate" Peters Baker said.

(Jackson County Prosecutor) Peters Baker said this effort will look different than in 2014 because they have more people involved and their knowledge and efforts have grown.

City and county leaders agree now is the time to roll out this program because violence levels are persistently high.

This academically backed program and focused deterrence model are based on what a community needs.

Peters Baker says in Jackson County’s case, it’s gun violence.

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Jackson County prosecutor says crime reduction model returning, will focus on KC juvenile crime, gun violence

In 2014, a violence reduction program called KC No Violence Alliance (NoVA) was implemented in Jackson County.