Odds Favor Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Engagement Coming Soon

This prop bet guidance is a fun but, again, there's NOTHING that won't convince us that this is all just an elaborate marketing scheme and possibly the nation's greats PSYOP ahead of WWIII inevitability. >

There is a 75% chance that the pop princess and the football star will make their engagement public before the NFL season kicks off Sept. 5, according to a report this week by the online sports betting community OLBG.

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Here are the odds of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce getting engaged, married and even pregnant

Sports bookies around the world are offering specials around when Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will announce they're tying to knot.

'Affectionate' Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce showed 'lots of' PDA at Patrick Mahomes' gala

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were reportedly "affectionate all night" and engaged in "lots of kissing" at Patrick Mahomes' Las Vegas charity event.