Missouri Freedom Caucus ALMOST Explained

Check perspective on politicos out in the sticks hoping to get more time on the myriad of right-wing podcasts selling bad coffee and doomsday gear . . . Check-it:

Other Republicans say members of the Freedom Caucus gum up the legislative works and are more interested in publicity and grandstanding than conservative policymaking. Frustrated by such tactics, Missouri Senate leaders stripped four Freedom Caucus senators, including Missouri state Sen. Rick Brattin, of their chairmanships and parking spots earlier this year.

“It’s hard to do stuff even when everybody’s acting in good faith,” said Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden, a Columbia Republican.

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Freedom Caucuses push for conservative state laws, but getting attention is their big success * Missouri Independent

Missouri is one of 11 states with formal chapters of the State Freedom Caucus Network, which aims to push Republicans to the right.