Late Night Comedian Steve Colbert Clowns Senator Josh Hawley

The joke is a bit stale and late night talk show ratings are actually more funny than any of the jokes these guys inflict upon the public. 

Nevertheless . . .

Here's a peek at his routine at a progressive reelection fundraiser: 

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has attracted widespread ridicule since the Jan. 6 committee revealed a video at Thursday’s hearing showing him running from the U.S. Capitol during the 2021 riot, not long after giving a closed-fist salute to insurrectionists outside.

“This weekend, at the right-wing Turning Point USA Summit, we heard from Missouri senator and star of the new film ‘Fascist Gump’ Josh Hawley,” Colbert said Monday on “The Late Show.”

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Stephen Colbert Gives Sen. Josh Hawley A Scathing New Nickname

The Missouri Republican fled the U.S. Capitol and then spent months fundraising off a picture of himself raising a fist to rioters.