KK Argues: Kansas City Media Give Rashee Rice Free Pass After Crash

There are a lot of questions following a recent multi-car luxury car collision calamity involving Super Bowl champ baller Rashee Rice . . . In his latest podcast, conservative Kansas City sports talker Kevin Kietzman helps his fans figure it all out:

"It's hard to tell who's in more trouble, Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice or Kansas City media.  Columnist Toriano Porter of the KC Star completely botches an opinion piece, sports guys ignore any crime and start trashing the NFL for likely wanting to suspend Rice and a podcaster's video on X, well, fans didn't want to hear it.  So here we are again with local media doing the Chiefs work for them in order to protect their access and press passes to Super Bowls.  Go figure."

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KK: Rice Reax Typical of New Era

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