KCFD Rescues Staffers As Jackson County Jail Suffers Elevator FAIL

Just wanted to document this report given that this facility has been noted as an ongoing "humanitarian crisis" and now workplace safety should come into question whilst the Courthouse is busy building the next disaster that's already too small and outdated.

Check-it . . .

"Kansas City, Mo., firefighters responded to the building around 8 a.m. after an elevator stopped working between floors. Several jail employees were trapped inside the malfunctioning elevator.

"The conditions of the elevators were noted in a failed fire inspection at the jail. The report that surfaced earlier in April also mentioned broken, or damaged, fire sprinklers. "

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Jackson Co. jail staff rescued from malfunctioning elevator

Kansas City, Missouri, firefighters responded to the Jackson County jail to rescue employees trapped in an elevator after it stopped between floors.