Kansas & Missouri Billionaires Ranked

Actually . . . This story from the newspaper is more than a bit biased and seems to opt for the tired class warfare angle  . . . We would be able to respect that stance IF it wasn't so passive-aggressive and subtle advocating throwing away some of this cash on sketchy public education schemes. 

Still . . . Here's the post-apocalyptic shopping list . . .

Kansas and Missouri are home to 10 billionaires in 2024, with two living in the Kansas City area, according to a recent Forbes list.

They have a combined net worth of $102.5 billion, greater than the federal government’s budget for K-12 education since October 1, 2022.

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These 10 billionaires in Kansas and Missouri are worth over $100B. Who they are

Some of the wealthiest people in America live in the Missouri and Kansas areas.