Kansas City Zero Fare Solution To Waldo Targeted By Vandals & Kia Boyz

Once again we notice the auto crime continues to plauge our 2nd favorite Kansas City neighborhood:

“It definitely gives you anxiety knowing that it’s happening around you. You don’t want to feel insecure in your living space,” (a Waldo resident) said. “So it’s never fun to feel like, am I going to have a broken window? Because that’s an unexpected expense. Especially with how everything’s expensive right now, and adding in a broken window, slashed tires or missing items.”

Accordingly . . .

KCMO transit spokesman Charles Farley answers: 

"Maybe the people of Waldo might want to think about trading their cars for free bus rides??? It's certainly a possibility that with a great many public meetings and a few mandatory lessons in diversity, equity and inclusion . . . We could better serve the people of Waldo with more ZERO FARE routes, service and access in the next 24-72 months so that they could forgo personal auto ownership and join their neighbors on the bus." 

Sadly, Mr. Farley didn't have any more time questions about personal safety for newbie Waldo bus riders but promised to offer another quote very, very soon.

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Residents on alert numerous car break-ins in Kansas City's Waldo neighborhood

Multiple people in the Waldo neighborhood said they woke up on Easter Sunday to broken car windows and missing items.