Kansas City Toast: Election Edging Closer, Listening Session & Global Agreement

Today, 24-year-old actress & musical diva Sabrina inspires our quick peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines on this critical news day. 

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Save K Solution?!?

Stadium Sales Tax Campaigns Reach Final Days

The vote on the stadium sales tax extension is just days away and it remains unclear which side will win.

Golden Ghetto Autobahn Opens

Lenexa residents want solutions for speeding on 99th Street

Neighbors on a busy stretch of 99th Street near Monrovia Street and Quivira Road want the city of Lenexa to address speeding in their neighborhood.

Sounds Fairly Priced

10 Kansas City concerts you absolutely must see this April

This month marks the onset of the most rewarding season for music under the stars, and groove-rock band 311 is set to oblige Kansas City audiences outdoors. Waxahatchee, Kane Brown and others will entertain this April's indoor listeners.

Newspaper Reports Without Bias

Your voter guide to Jackson County's stadiums tax for the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs

What to know before voting on April 2 Election Day for a new Crossroads baseball stadium and Arrowhead renovations. Your questions, answered.

Spies Totes Aren't Listening

KC ad agencies, businesses say a TikTok ban would be a burden - Kansas City Business Journal

A TikTok ban would prompt local ad agencies, small businesses and influencers to pivot from a platform that has played an outsized role in marketing in recent years.

Pop Music Pro-Life . . . 

Sabrina Carpenter's Sex Tip to Women, 'Don't Get Pregnant'

Sabrina Carpenter has a message for all the ladies out there who are having sex -- and it basically amounts to ... avoid unplanned pregnancies if you can.

White House Campaigns On Merit Not Leverage

Biden is using his cash advantage to address vulnerabilities against Trump

The Biden campaign is running ads in states expected to be competitive this election, targeting Black and Latino voters in particular.

Equity For Everybody

Exclusive: Trump allies plot anti-racism protections - for whites

Trump's Justice Department would push to eliminate or upend programs designed counter the racism that has favored whites.

Life's Lottery Winner

'I consider myself very lucky': This man was one of the last to make it off the Baltimore bridge before its deadly collapse | CNN

It was just past 1 a.m. on March 26 and Larry DeSantis was headed to his second job at Herman's Bakery in the Baltimore area -- the halfway point of another long but normal workday.

Holy Land Agreement?!?

Netanyahu 'continues to essentially give the finger' to Biden on Gaza, Dem senator says

Chris Van Hollen on Sunday tore into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Gaza and said Biden "needs to back up his 'no excuses' language with real action"

Ukraine Unites GOP

Johnson says Ukraine aid will come up 'right after' recess and will include some 'innovations'

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said on Sunday that he expects to move a package that includes aid for Ukraine when the House returns from recess and expects the package to include "some important innovations." In an interview on "Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy," Johnson stressed the difficult position he's in, with a historically...


Masturbation abstinence is popular online. Doctors and therapists are worried : Consider This from NPR

More than two decades of growing internet use has surfaced fears about the social and psychological impacts of nearly unfettered access to pornography.

Macho Approach To Literature

Our Man in KC: The Rabbit hOle, an Animated Dinner, and a BOTAR Fashion Show - IN Kansas City Magazine

Down the Rabbit Hole For years, I have been following a certain Instagram account in eager anticipation of the day I might experience the magic it whispered-in person. Thus, I was beyond thrilled to take an early stroll through The Rabbit hOle. The Rabbit hOle is an immersive, interactive children's literary museum.

Don't Worry About Umbrella

Threat of storms later today

Risk increases late Monday afternoon

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