Kansas City Star Column Testimony Condemns Rising Antisemitism

We always cringe when posting these kind of notes . . .


Because so many of the comments typically condemn resistance to rising hate BY OFFERING MORE HATERATION IN TURN.

Nevertheless . . .

The effort to combat this trend in Kansas City remains important . . . Here's the word:

"In the 10 years since that devastating day, antisemitic incidents across the country have steadily increased year over year. Even before the unspeakable attacks on Israel on Oct. 7, antisemitic incidents were at record highs. The unfathomable cruelty of Hamas’ attack on Israel is a painful new chapter in Jewish history. With it has come an explosion of antisemitism, resulting in a real, existential fear for the Jewish community worldwide — and right here at home.

"The Jewish community, including myself, have found ourselves responding to the real-world impacts of antisemitic tropes going viral, even on celebrity social media channels. We are being viciously attacked simply for being Jews."

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